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Leisure and cultural activities

What is there to do after class?

The city of Freiburg and the surrounding region offer a huge range of things to do and see, and our activities coordinator Elisabeth Petersen organizes plenty of fun activities and outings for our students.

Having fun and enjoying your time outside the classroom is important if you are in a foreign country and can help you to improve your language skills even faster. You will meet lots of interesting and diverse people and have a great time with them!

iOR organizes trips to major European cities such as Paris and Milan, visits to the European Parliament and European Council in Strasbourg, bicycle tours through the Black Forest, trips to the Europa Park theme park, and visits to galleries, museums and historical sites in important German cities such as Stuttgart, Munich and Berlin.

Our advantageous location on the border with Switzerland and France gives us further opportunities to explore: iOR is just a short trip away from beautiful destinations including Basel, Zurich, Geneva, Colmar, the Alsace wine route and many more.

Last but not least, Freiburg itself offers plenty of fun activities such as open air concerts, swimming pools, theatre plays, parks, nightclubs, shopping centres, international restaurants and cafés.