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Other foreign language courses

The iOR Language Institute in Freiburg and Lörrach offers courses in almost every foreign language as well as German. iOR can tailor the courses upon your request. Language courses can be taught outside Freiburg or Lörrach, for groups with a special profile requiring training over a short period of time.

A course can be designed to cover anything from the very basics of a language to subject-specific requirements such as:

  • Negotiation language skills, including country-specific cultural awareness
  • Colloquial language for use in daily life
  • Technical terminology, e.g. for the installation and operation of plant and systems

English, Spanish, French, Russian, Chinese, Turkish, Italian, Arabic, Japanese and many other languages are available. Rare languages are mainly offered as one-on-one classes.

Please contact our Freiburg or Lörrach offices to discuss further details.

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